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  • Universal Basic Services – an alternative to Universal Basic Income?
    While Universal Basic Income is popular in principle, support for it falls sharply once increases in taxation or reductions in benefits to pay for it are included as this IPSOS Mori survey shows. UCL’s Institute for Global Prosperity has just published a report, proposing what they call Universal Basic Services as a less costly alternative. […]
  • LibLink: Nick Clegg: Finally the Brexit spell is beginning to lift: MPs are beginning to stand against it
    In Nick Clegg’s latest iNews column, he says that MPs are finally starting to flex some muscle in the Brexit process. He is as bold as to say that he believes Parliament will actually save the country from its fate. Nick’s article is important because it gives those who think that our fate is inevitable […]
  • WATCH: Vince Cable talking about the Brexit Bill and how it undermines Parliament
    Here’s Vince talking on the Daily Politics the other day about Theresa May’s offer to EU nationals, trade and how the EU Withdrawal Bill in its current form undermines democracy. He emphasised that the British Government is in a very weak negotiating position with the EU. * Caron Lindsay is Editor of Liberal Democrat Voice […]
  • Martin Luther King: How the dream speech wasn’t planned
    Embed from Getty Images It was one of the most famous speeches ever made and led to two major pieces of Civil Rights legislation in the USA. Yet, in issue 1277 of the Big Issue, author Philip Collins tells how Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream speech” on August 28th 1963 in The Mall, […]
  • Cole-Hamilton: Children must have equal protection from assault
    Well, this will probably be a controversial one as the issue over whether parents should have the right to hit their children for some peculiar reason always causes a big argument in liberal circles. My own view has always been that there are no circumstances in which it is justifiable to hit a child and […]

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